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MonoGame first steps

I'm currently trying to port Pirate Cat on IOS using Monogame, here are my observations so far:

When I'm using Monogame 2.1.0:

The game run slow on emulator and the touch detection seem to be random, I'm not worried as I'm using a quite old mac mini and it could be pretty different on device.

Except from that the game seems to work fine , without changing anything in code, here are some screenshots


When I'm using Monogame 2.5.1:

With 2.5.1 the game crash during loading, I checked and the issue come from the fact that I'm using XNA getData method from Texture2D  in 2 places, if I comment those part and the things related, the game is succesfully loading and running, but most of the sprites are displayed as black shapes see screenshots below:

Here is basically what I'm using to load my game assets :

public override void LoadContent()

ThreadPool.QueueUserWorkItem(new WaitCallback(InitGameRes));

Now note that if I do not use a dedicated thread to load game assets everything is properly displayed except that I still have the issue with getData, still the getData method is working on the monogame samples so I'll have to do something on my side if I want this to work, my current guess is that the targeted images do not have power of 2 dimensions.

Game using MonoGame 2.5.1 without using threaded loading

When I'm using latest Monogame 3D branch:

With the latest 3d branch sources I still have issue with GetData but the other assets are loaded properly using a dedicated thread. Now none of the fonts are properly displayed at any place in the game.


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