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[Press Release] Pirate Cat first update and new free version, with a twist.

Xeno bits is proud to announce the release of the first update of its critically acclaimed game Pirate Cat.

It includes some nice new features such as:

  • A new power up that allows you to travel back in time
  • A additional training mode that detect when a new player is having a hard time with controls
  • A dynamic live tile that will display your last score, your best score and your rank


And some improvements:

  • A More readable and user friendly ranking screen
  • Lot of optimization regarding performance on first generation devices

That’s not all, in order to allow more people to play the game we have baked and released a free, ad powered version. But there is a trick, as we didn’t wanted to impact the experience, if the player use, at least once, each of the 4 game's power ups, the ads will automagically disappear forever! That’s right, all you have to do to get the same content than the full version for free is to play and enjoy the game!

Pirate cat was downloaded almost 20000 during its first week and received an average of more than 4/5 between 400 reviews.


Paid version:










Free version:












Press kits:

Paid version:


Free version:



Xeno bits is a one man game development studio, with more than 6 years of experience in mobile game development we try to offer accessible, original and fun experiences on Windows Phone 7.

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