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Belote World Tour

Belote World Tour is our first game released on WP7.

It's a card game based on very popular Belote, popular only in France unfortunately.

First free version was released on 13th of july, it helped us to improve the game based on users feedbacks and include more features.

After some iterations we judged the game was ready to be released as a paid app at the end of August, in the meantime we started to include some ads in the free version , but more on this soon in a dedicated post.

I do not have to complain regarding the attention the app received, I launched it with absolutely no PR and it succeeded to reach pretty easily the top 50 of free apps (thanks to the popularity of the card game itself and the fact that it was the only app representing it), it stayed there during few month and since october it's slowly going down in the rankings.

After 5 month here are the download stats:

Free version

Not much to comment here, except that considering its ranking in the marketplace we can only conclude that WP7 devices are not that popular in France so far.

Paid version

This one is a little bit more interesting, first we can see that it's nothing compared to the free version, no need to explain that, but in the meantime at the beginning of november we added a new game mode, exclusive to the paid version, and sales started to become relevant, thanks, in my opinion, to the existing users of the free version, seeing new locked feature and ready to pay to unlock it. Moreover the price doubled from 1.49 to 2.99 during this update(for science purpose only ;p) but it did not seemed to be a blocker issue for a lot of players.

Now for the numbers lovers here a few more stats regarding the application usage thanks to Flurry analytics, a very convenient tool to understand better how people are using your application.

Median session length : 6.2 minutes

Daily active users :

Session frequency by day / week / month