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Windows phone in France – some fresh stats

Thanks again to Flurry analytics  and Distimo I was able to extract some precious data from Belote World Tour usage and extrapolate a bit on the current state of Windows Phone in France.

The game itself is currently ranked 146 in french marketplace Top Overall and 61 in Top Games, I've made the chart below, representing the downloads and ranking between 1st and 25th february, in order to find how downloads impact ranking  but it does not appear to be that simple!



The daily downloads are not really decreasing, but my ranking is, I guess it's some kind of Microsoft magic in order to avoid apps trusting the top ranks, or maybe user base is growing fast and so is the downloads / rank ratio but I really doubt so based on the previous months evolution.

Now regarding the devices, it's really tight between Nokia Lumia, Lg E900 and Samsung Omnia 7, but remember that Lumia was launched in november, it's clearly the fastest growing.

One last about carriers, Flurry does not seem perfectly able to detect them right now but I guess that the second one is SFR, no Free in sight yet, but maybe it's included in Orange.

Now once again all those stats are provided by third parties, and I have to admit that I have noticable differences between distimo/app hub and flurry downloads stats for example, but it still can help to get an estimate on how are going Windows Phone in France.

Edit: One last important figure that I forgot to mention in the original post is the OS version repartition, it's interesting to see that today more than 1/4 of the devices are still not running Mango.