Xeno bits

Next project – things are beginning to take shape

I've started to work on this game since 1 year now and all I can say is that things were not going really fast so far.

But I managed to find a talented artist and hope to finally finish and release it within 2 month.

The game is about a pirate, cat pirate more precisely, that have to reach the moon during the night.

To do so one of his fellows constructed a pair of wings covered with feathers, the downside is that feathers are not very well fixed and player will have to constantly shot birds he encounter in order to keep flying.

So yeah at first sight it sound a bit like a shoot'em up but in my mind it was never really related to this genre.

This week I started to implement new assets for the hero, those are not finals and will receive minor changes soon.




For those curious to see the thing in motion, check this video, a bit older: