Exogate Initiative puts you in charge of the first extrasolar worlds exploration program. Build and manage the infrastructures. Recruit, train and equip teams of specialists. Send them on mission on other worlds and interact with them through choice-based micro-stories.


Exogate Initiative is a passion project, mixing two of our favorite things: space exploration series like Stargate or Star Trek and base-building games like Dungeon Keeper or Rimworld.


  • Plan, dig and build a base inside a mountain with total freedom.
  • Recruit international specialists from 6 different classes to form your teams of explorers.
  • Each explorer is unique and totally autonomous with moods and needs.
  • Procedurally generated universe: unlimited worlds with unique ore, flora, fauna, populations and more to discover.
  • Handcrafted narrated experiences for unexpected and memorable exploration encounters.
  • Research samples and specimens to unlock new technologies and income sources.


Exogate Initiative - Announcement trailerYouTube



About Xeno Bits

Xeno Bits is a small independent game development studio based in Bordeaux, France that works on its own original titles.
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Exogate Initiative Credits

Maxime Millet
Founder, designer, developer
Téo Quitellic
Aude Legrand, Ileana Mungiovi
3D Artists
Nicolas Aucher-Fargue
Concept Artist
Samuel Inkiläinen
Concept artist
Vlad Ost
Concept and 3D artist
Brice Cornuau, Kevin Reilhac
Additional developers
Rémy Caballé
3D Animator
Nadège Carlier
Tim White
Narrative designer
Chloé Matz, Josh Silverman
Communication and Community Manager
Thierry Haibach
UI Artist
Anthony Jauneaud, Rik Godwin, Cindy Asselin-de-Beauville
Narrative Designers from Acte-Zero
Camille Marcos, Julien Ponsoda
Music composers and sound designers from Illustrason