Xeno Bits is a small independent game development studio based in Bordeaux, France that works on its own original titles.


Created in 2012 by Maxime MILLET, Xeno Bits developed many mobile games along the years, until it reached the financial independence required to start bigger scope video games, starting with Exogate Initiative a management game for PC.



Exogate Initiative - Alpha version trailerYouTube

Interview of Maxime MILLET speaking about his work (FRENCH)YouTube

Pirate Cat - 2012YouTube

Berry Hill - 2014YouTube

Tarot Hero - 2015YouTube

Team & Repeating Collaborator

Maxime Millet
Founder, Designer, Developer, Xeno Bits
Téo Quitellic
Aude Legrand
3D character artist and animator
Ileana Mungiovi
Intern Props Artist
Chloé Matz
Communication and community manager